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Asymmetrical black silk waistcoat


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Handmade silk cady asymmetrical waistcoat, with princess styleline and a shorter pointed front and a longer tail on the back. Available in black and in made-to-order for a more sustainable design process and avoiding the textile waste.

Both versatile and elegant, this silk waistcoat can be worn with different outfits, from the casual one to the most elegant style.

Our urban couture collections are 100% Made in Italy

with the best fabrics and sartorial techniques

Not conventional asymmetry

The asymmetrical lines of this handmade silk vest give a touch of modernity to every outfit

Details make the difference

The elegance of a garment can be noted by details, like the pointed tips of the front and the tail on the back

Style tips

Create your perfect outfit

clothing to match: Abito lycra

Natural plus high-tech

For a not conventional style just mix precious and natural fabric like silk with a sporty-look stretch material like lycra

All-day-long style

A piece like this vest is unmissable for your wardrobe because it becomes the passe-partout for your everyday look

Black and neon

The refinery of the classic black color will never go out of fashion, but with a neon touch it becomes more contemporary

Perfect the look

What to combine with a vest and dress? Simple, trainers for a sporty look, a pair of combat boots for a rock style

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Asymmetrical black silk waistcoat