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Knee-length silk cady pencil skirt with zips


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Urban Couture

Pencil skirt in pure silk by Ratti textiles, with knee length and two openable closures on both sides with waterproof contrasting zips. Available in three colors and in made-to-order for a more sustainable design process and avoiding the textile waste.

This skirt is completely handmade using a precious natural fabric coming from one of the most famous producers of Made in Italy textile.

Our urban couture collections are 100% Made in Italy

with the best fabrics and sartorial techniques

100% Silk

We use only the most fine fabrics like natural silks and organic textiles for our creations/p>

Colored zip

A particular focus on details, with the contrasting colors of the waterproof zip closures on the skirt’s sides.

Style tips

Create your perfect outfit

Clothing to match: Giacchino nylon

Style mash-up

Mix natural fabrics like silk to the coolness of recycled nylon for adding a touch of luxury to your casual look

Play with femininity

With the contrasting zips on the sides, you can give a pinch of sensuality to your outfit just opening them for creating intriguing slits and revealing your legs

Game of colors

For a basic but eye-catching look, match different strong colors like electric blue and lime yellow to the eternal duo of black and white

What shoes for pencil skirts?

Depending on your daily mood, you can wear this silk pencil skirt with pump shoes for an elegant style, or with boots for a more casual look.

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Knee-length silk cady pencil skirt with zips