Aurora de Matteis

Return and changes

Items may be returned by courier. If you wish to return an article, you must notify AdM the reason for this at the following email address:, you must specify the date of receival of the item. From the date of notification you have an additional 11 days to return your item, sending it to the address which will be specified on the label of the returned item.

We request that you follow these instructions:

Returns using a courier:

Once the request to return an item has been approved you will receive an email with a pre-paid shipping label.
Place the merchandise that you wish to return inside the original packaging.
Print out and place the pre-paid label on the box and organize for it to be collected by directly contacting the courier at the number indicated in the email requesting a return. All returned items sent using the pre-paid label are free. Please bear in mind that AdM is not responsible for merchandise returned using a different courier service; we recommend you use the pre-paid label.
If by any chance you should not receive the pre-paid label, do not hesitate to contact us. The number to track the courier is written on the pre-paid label. Please refer to this number to monitor the status of returned items.
Once received at headquarters, returned items will be handled with within 14 working days and accredited via original payment. You will receive an email of confirmation when the return procedure has been completed.

For further information please read our Policy for Online Returns.

How do I change an Item?

Changes of items may be made via courier. Items must be returned in their original conditions within 14 working days from their receival, at the address specified on the delivery label of the returned product.

Once delivered to the warehouse, changes will be processed within 14 working days. If the new item has a lower or higher cost than the original, you will receive a refund or a new charge for the difference.

You will receive an email of conformation when the return procedure has been completed. Any delivery costs paid for at the moment of purchase are not refundable.

For orders placed through PayPal, changes are possible only for products of lower or identical value. If you are requesting the change of a product of lower value, you will receive a partial refund directly on your PayPal account.

To change items of lower cost paid for via wire transfer, you will receive a refund of the balance. If you wish to change your item with a new one having a higher cost, we request payment of the balance via wire transfer.