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Information notice on cookies and site navigation

This website belongs to Aurora de Matteis, with headquarters in Via Maria Vittoria 31 – 10121 Turin (TO), who processes all data gathered using the site in her quality of Data Controller.

The Controller guarantees the security, the privacy and the protection of data of which she is in possession, during any phase of the processing of data, respecting the rules set down in the GDPR 2016/679 as well as respecting corporate secrecy.

The website may contain links or references to other internet sites belonging to third parties, on which the Controller has no supervision. If such links are present it is for the commodity of users on the present website and the Controller does not accept any responsibility in relation to such sites, as well as not providing any indications on the accuracy or comprehensiveness of information contained in them.

The present information notice is intended for persons who access or consult this website, on the basis of art. 13 of the GDPR 2016/679 – the “General Data Protection Regulation”.

The present notice regarding cookies describes the way in which Aurora de Matteis uses cookies and similar technologies in order to gather and store information when the user visits the website or receives an email form the Owner.

Processing methods

The computer systems and the software procedures underlying the functioning of the present website gather, during the course of their functioning, personal data whose dissemination is implicit in the user protocols of internet communication.

The nature of such information, as well as the means to process it and link it to data in possession of third parties, allows the identification of users.

In such a category of data there are IP addresses or domain names from which visitors to our site connect from, the addresses in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier) of resources requested, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimensions of the file obtained with the answer, the number code indicating the state of the answer given by the server and other parameters linked to the operative system and the IT environment of the user.

The website uses session, permanent, technical, analytical and profiling cookies to gather and store information on the user. A cookie is a small data file which the website sends and stores on the hard disk of the computer and/or device of the user (from now on both referred to as “computer”); subsequently when the user accesses the site, the cookies saved on the computer will send information on the person who sent them.
Session cookies are used, for example, to navigate the website without having to input new access data and are then deleted by the user’s computer when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies remain on the user’s computer and the browser is closed but may be deleted in any moment using the browser settings. Cookies are classified in “first party cookies” and “third party cookies”. First party cookies are directly implemented on the user’s computer, with the sole purpose of recognizing the user in occasion of further visits.
Third party cookies are sent by an independent service provider operating on behalf of the Data Controller and may be used by such a provider of services in order to recognize the user when he/she visits the website or third party sites. Even though the Controller may allow such providers access to the website in order to send cookies to the user’s computers, in conformity with all applicable Laws, the Data Controller does not have any control over information gathered by cookies neither does she maintain access to such data when it is communicated immediately to third parties who gather them.
Such information is entirely controlled by the service provider of these third parties in conformity with their respective privacy policy. For more information on cookies please visit: o
Using this website, the user agrees to the use and communication of cookies not linked to the transactions as described in the present notice, unless he/she revokes such consent and stops their use, modifying the technical settings of his/her computer as described below:

How to disable or deleted cookies

If you wish to stop the browser from accepting cookies and wish to be informed every time a cookie is memorized on your computer or you wish to delete cookies already present, the following modifications must be made using the web browser settings that are generally accessible at the section “Help” or “Internet options”. Please refer to the following links

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

If cookies are disabled or deleted using the web browser settings, certain functions and features of this website may not be accessible; also, the user may be requested to newly input his/her access credentials and the general use of the site could be limited. If all the cookies are deleted from the browser or another browser or computer is used, the procedure must be completed from the start, in order to revoke consent for the use of cookies.

Aim of the use of cookies

  • Session cookies memorize the relevant information together with the IP address of the user and the identifying code of cookies. These session cookies are cookies associated with operations necessary for the use of the website and do not need the user’s consent.
  • The Controller may set a permanent cookie the first time a user visits the site, in order to recognize him/her as a visitor. This cookie is updated with a marker for date and hour every time the user re-accesses the site. The cookie memorizes information related to the pages visited to eventually show the user customized information on the bases of preferences shown previously.

Cookies used

The site uses technical cookies to guarantee the correct functioning and the navigating experience of the user.

The site does not employ profiling cookies.

The Site managed by the Controller may send Third party cookies belonging to the following categories:

  • Cookie analytics: these cookies are used to gather and analyze aggregate and anonymous information for a statistical analysis of the accesses and visits to the websites of Aurora de Matteis in order to improve the performance and the design of the latter.

The Site uses Analytics. If the case may be, the information generated by the cookie on the use of the website is transmitted to the provider of the Analytics and placed inside his servers, with the aim of generating reports on website activity. Such reports are destined for the Controller or other persons entrusted by the latter. It is possible to refuse to submit navigation data by selecting the appropriate settings on the browser.

To this effect, we invite you to see the information posted on the site of the Analytics provider and the additional component of the browser, in order to de-activate the Analytics.

Social media instruments

The website may provide access to social media instruments, from platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. The user who deicides to make use of these instruments, activating a social media platform, may share some personal data with his/her friends and such social network platforms. Sharing activities are subject to privacy policies of each social network. Specifically, instruments from the social network Facebook are offered to enable Facebook to share information and activities by friends with registered users during navigation of our website

Aim of data processing

In order to offer a quality service, the site requests the browser certain information. These requests consist in navigation preferences, login and frequently visited pages. This information assists in better understanding user needs in order to offer an ever- better service.

Specifically, navigation data acquired by the Controller is used solely for the following purposes:

  • Offer a better service after preferences expressed by the user during the course of navigation;
  • Extract statistical information that is totally anonymous on the website;
  • Verify the correct functioning of the site.

Legal Basis for Processing of Data

The use of technical cookies is done in the legitimate interest of the Controller; use of any remaining type of cookies is done solely with the consent of the user.

Recipients of the Data

Personal data processed by the Controller is not disseminated, nor it is given to indetermined recipients, in any way, including being made available or given for mere consultation of its content. It may be communicated to employees working under the direction of the Controller, to external parties who cooperate with the latter and have been designated Data Controllers or have been authorized to process data under the authority of the Controller.

Data may be communicated, with the necessary limits, to persons who in order to handle your requests, must supply the Controller with goods or services requested by the latter. Finally, the data may be communicated to persons who can legitimately access it according to Law, EU regulations and statutes.

Specifically, on the basis of their roles and incumbencies, employees that have been authorized to process your personal data, within the limits of their incumbencies, will do so according to instructions given by the Data Controller.

External persons operating under the authority of the Controller have also been opportunely authorized, on the basis of services provided and type of information, to process such data.

External persons to whom the Controller has entrusted any personal data have been designated as Data Controllers.

Transfer of Data

In any case the Data Controller shall not transfer personal data to foreign countries or to international organizations.

However, she does reserve herself the possibility to use cloud services; in such a case, suppliers of these services will be selected from those ensuring adequate guarantees, according to art. 46 of the GDPR.

Storage of Data

The Data Controller stores and processes personal data for the time necessary to perform the aims mentioned above. Specifically, navigation data will be stored until it is overwritten.

Revoking Consent

With reference to art. 7 of the GDPR 2016/679, the interested party may revoke consent in any moment. Such revocation will block the use of analytical cookies without compromising navigation. In any case, the interested party may interrupt site navigation in any moment.

Rifiuto al conferimento dei dati
L’interessato può rifiutarsi di conferire al Titolare i suoi dati di navigazione.
Per fare ciò, deve disabilitare i cookies seguendo le istruzioni fornite dal browser in uso.
La disabilitazione dei cookies può peggiorare la navigazione e la fruizione delle funzionalità del sito.