In a world distressed by the climate changes and the pollution, being sustainable as much as possible is the fundamental evolution for every brand, especially in fashion, the second most polluting industry of the globe.

One of the big problems to solve for a more ecological and healthy way of living is the quantity of plastic waste in the Oceans. A recent research of the United Nations says that our seas are full of thousands of tons of fishing nets that can create serious damages to the flora and fauna. We have seen dozens of terrible images of dolphins and turtles imprisoned in the nets, of the coral reef completely covered by these plastic materials.

Textile industry fortunately is understanding these problematics and is moving in the direction of solving it through the regeneration of the nylon-6 often used for the making of fishing nets. That’s how Econyl was born.


Econyl is a 100% recycled nylon created by Aquafil, an important Italian textile company set in Trento, near the enchanting Lake of Garda. An industry devoted by year to sustainable productive processes that invented Econyl in response to the increasing sea’s pollution and for finally converting the fashion world to a more eco-friendly approach.

Econyl is the perfect solution for a circular economy, because if used pure, can be recycled over and over again, always maintaining its best features and high quality. This fiber can be combined also to other types of fabrics for obtaining new innovative and ecological textile products. This can give to the luxury products a new purpose.

High-end fashion and luxury market can finally have a sustainable point of view, thinking about the environment, respecting animals and protecting our health from the damages of the water pollution, never renouncing to its aesthetic appeal.


As a young emerging fashion designer, Aurora De Matteis strongly believes in the importance of preserving our Planet and the future generations of humans and animals. The philosophy of the brand is focused on sustainability in its entire design processes, from the Slow Fashion approach to the creation of sartorial handmade and seasonless collections, up to the fundamental research of low-impact materials and textiles.

The designer’s choices in fact of fabrics is at the basis of the collection’s development, always looking for fully natural fabrics or recycled materials for avoiding wastes and having a more eco-friendly impact on the environment. But always thinking first of all about the luxury design of her clothes.


The quality and the beauty of Econyl-based fabrics is undisputed. That’s why Aurora chose a special lycra from Carvico, an important Italian manufacturer working on sustainable textiles. With this stretch and performing fabric perfect for leisure wear, she created many pieces of her seasonless and capsule collections, from the sporty-style leggings available in many colors and lengths, to the super sensual crop tops or the minimal lines of sheath dresses and turtleneck tops.

This beautiful lycra fabric is perfect for underlining the shapes of the female body allowing a great comfort and giving a boost of energy thanks to the many possible nuances, that in the ADM’s collection are always used in a contrasting color palette, alternating the eternal black and white to the ultra-vibrant shades of neon lime yellow, bright orange and electric blue. 

Inspired by sports like climbing, running and gym, the collections are designed for giving life to a new aesthetic that combines the practicality of the sportive shapes and details to the quality of sartorial methods and the sophistication of luxury materials. So the stretch fabrics like recycled lycra can easily be matched to the more classic refinery of pure silks and cashmere, for an Urban Couture style that will not go unnoticed.

Thanks to the choice of recycled fabrics like the Econyl-based lycra, the brand Aurora De Matteis can proudly move on in the direction of sustainability, bringing forward its ideals and values of respect for people and environment, being part of the new wave of ecological activism that is fundamental for the surviving of our beautiful and unique Planet.