Is there a way to be sustainable and having a luxurious style at the same time? We believe that is possible if we consider what effectively luxury means today.

Once a time the term luxury was more intended as synonym of something excessive, extremely and visibly rich, sumptuous because maybe hyper-decorated in gold embroideries or precious gemstones. Something unnecessary connected more to the vanity than the real desire of having something beautiful.

For decades we were used to think that for being elegant and fashionable, we have to be surrounded by opulence and exhibited richness. 

But times are changing and the modernity of our metropolitan life brings us to reconsider completely the point of view on luxury, as a concept that in a constant evolution. No more something expensive whose economical value determines the social status of a person, but a product that is the result of research, conceptuality, passion and especially time.

We could say that the new luxury is something related to the concept of time, because in our frenetic lives, time is the most precious value.

Today we are all more conscious that richness does not come from golden and sparkling objects, but from products that reveal our identity and our cultural background. Having a luxurious style means being at ease with clothes and accessories that interpret our more innate soul. Fashion objects that have in the materials and in the precious sartorial details their best appeal.  

Today the New Luxury in fashion comes from refined tailoring techniques, natural fabrics and sustainable approaches taking care both of the environment and of the person’s individuality. A new consciousness that is now focused on the respect for Nature and People, of Time and Quality.

Bored of being surrounded only by tons of Fast Fashion products, we all want a return to concepts like sustainability, high quality, true elegance and strong identity.


All values that are authentically part of our Brand’s vision. We strongly believe that the world of Fashion finally needs to make a change of direction, going toward a more sustainable and ethical future without losing sight of the sense of elegance and quality inspired by the glories of its past, at the origin of fashion itself.

It’s time to move in the direction of a return to the quality of the traditional sartorial method, of the slow design and productive processes that exalt the beauty of every single detail, of the refinery of precious natural fabrics and the eco-friendly vision of sustainable recycled materials.

The collections by Aurora interprets all these concepts looking at the essential needs of the women’s contemporary life, proposing an innovative style that mixes the eternal beauty of classic shapes to the modernity of urban minimalism, the respect for the environment of ecological materials and the cool aspect of bright colors, the dynamicity of cool details to the tradition of handmade tailored outfits.


Focus of the collection is the choice of materials like the ultra-fine fully natural silks and cashmere fabrics or the sustainable regenerated nylon and lycra derived by recycled oceanic plastic waste, all coming from the best and more renowned Italian textile manufacturers.

Other fundamental focus of Aurora’s vision is in time, intended as a great care given to the slow artisanal process of making clothes, following every aspect of the production from the initial fashion sketches to the making of every stitches and sartorial details, up to the choice of ultra-bright and eye-catching colors.

As a new brand in the landscape of emerging Italian sustainable fashion designers, Aurora interprets the New Luxury giving it a modern, captivating and respectful essence.