Do you believe in the energetic power of colors? They truly have an important influence in the people’s mood because every single tone creates an emotional reaction in the heart and the mind of a person. We react to the colors in a very intuitive way, involving our senses and even our bodies. As for the sounds that we can hear and feel as vibration, the chromatic spectrum creates a physical reaction that can give us different emotions and impressions.


The colors we choose often correspond to a particular state of mind, a situation we are living, expressing what we are and what we would be. We believe that through colors we can reveal to the others something about us, our feelings and thoughts.

Something almost philosophical, analyzed for centuries by artists and poets, scientists and academics. All curious to discover the secrets of this intangible attribute of the objects, revealed only by its relationship with the light and our perception. We see the world through the colors. 

There are many social and symbolic meanings associated with the use of colors, especially if combined to something we are wearing. Our clothes become more interesting and closer to the heart if colored in our favorite colors. And there are nuances that are appropriate for a specific moment of the day or a special occasion. We can say something about our personality just simply by wearing a colored dress.


Choosing a color palette may appear more difficult than it looks. Especially if we speak of a fashion collection. The choice of the right colors does not depend only by the personal taste of the designer, but it’s a matter of correspondences, of aesthetic visions and emotions to express. It’s a decision that speaks of the brand’s manifesto, of its positioning inside the huge world of fashion. This is particularly valid for an emerging brand like Aurora De Matteis, that wants to break the rules of the normal streetwear for connecting it to different worlds, like the sartorial quality and the Italian good taste.


The Aurora’s choice in terms of colors is something really important for understanding her vision. Between the two opposites of black and white, she selected a precise color palette made of brilliant tones and neon touches, wisely matched through the use of contrasts and complementarity. So the electric blue is combined to the lime yellow or to the orange, while white lightens the mood and the black becomes the perfect companion of the most elegant shapes.

But how to wear the neon colors? At first sight these particular strong shades may appear too bold and flashy. But in reality they can enliven the seriousness of a blazer jacket, giving an energetic twist to the precious elegance of a silk satin. 


You can match the neon colors one to each other just playing with contrasts. Electric blue plus neon lime or plus bright orange. The final effect will be surely impactful but also extremely cutting-edge, perfect if you like avant-garde fashion.


Another option is to combine neon colors with neutrals, like our camel tone. A very sophisticated combination that makes the refinery of the classic sartorial pieces decidedly contemporary, especially if the touch of the almost fluorescent colors is focused on the sporty-inspired details or on the classic shapes of timeless pieces, like our turtleneck tops made in recycled sustainable lycra.


Do you prefer a more minimal style? White is the perfect combination with neon and brilliant colors. As background for lime or bright blue, the white becomes the essence of minimalism, both for sporty style pieces in eco-friendly nylon and more elegant silk garments like the spencer short jackets or the silk satin boxing coat.


With black then, the boost of energy given by neon yellow gives its best. The timeless beauty of black, the non-color for excellence, finds in the combination with fluorescent shades, all its versatility. Matched with neon drawstrings or hyper-colored zip closures, the black pieces of our seasonless collection, turn the traditional aspect of the handmade tailored shapes into a really modern urban style, perfect for the exciting metropolitan lives.