A new day is starting, a new adventure. With a bit of emotion, here we are, for launching our first collection, born with love and with a long story behind, made of hard work, creative sensitiveness, research of excellence.

How to do a fashion collection? The first one?

Surely it’s made by many ingredients, like fabrics, colors, lines, silhouette and details, all lovingly mixed for creating something special.

A fashion collection designed by an emerging designer is more than a simple number of clothes well stylized and matched each other for giving life to beautiful outfits. It’s an ensemble of values, like enhancement of time, quality and cultural research. Because for making good clothes, we chose to invest all our efforts in search of the absolute excellence, and that’s requires time, patience and dedication.

Aurora’s collection is made by timeless pieces without a precise and ephemeral season, designed following the rules of the real Made in Italy’s heritage and applying the new approach of slow fashion. It means sustainability, because we have respect for the environment and we use exclusively ecological, recycled and natural textiles from the best Italian manufactures.

Our main collection is, first of all, a timeless story we want to tell.

A concept, an inspiration that lives through the softness of silks and the respectful eco-friendly fabrics we chose, through the bright colors that represent a boost of energy for the basic and eternal duo of black and white. It’s all a game of contrasts, a continuous mash up.

Hybridization is the right keyword we want to use for better describing the inspiration of the collection, because Aurora De Matteis likes to fuse different worlds, cultures, shapes and moods. The collection explores the subtle border between genders, thought as interchangeable, fluid and not well defined. Femininity and masculinity are synthesized in a unique style referred to subcultures, to the chaotic and intense urban life, the modern cities landscapes. Our ideal muse is a very contemporary woman of all ages, who condensed in herself the multifaceted aspects of our times. Who’s not afraid to seem different and unconventional. Who stoles, smiling, a blazer jacket from the male wardrobe, mixing it with jogging pants and sporty accessories.

Making simple the idea of future, the collection takes inspiration from the Minimal style of the new millennium, cleaning the surfaces and working on the effectiveness of modernist geometrical shapes, leaving the surprising effect and the references to sport couture to the details, like asymmetries, cut-out parts, sporty grosgrain ribbons, climbing-style cords and giant metallic zip closures that decorates all the pieces of the collection.

Also colors are cleaned from any further decorations. Following the conceptuality of Zen philosophy, we use the dualism of black and white and their apparent conflict as simple, clear basis for the intervention of color flashes like neon lime green, electric blue, burgundy, military green, orange. No frills, no ornaments, only the strong and bold character of pure colors.


We blend together the oversize shapes, the comfort and the flashy colors of sportswear, the immersive sensations of luxurious fabrics on the skin, the self confidence that only high quality and a good sartorial tailoring can give. In a unique, fantastic place, the Aurora’s world, we want to represent all the conceptual and avant-garde ideas that look forward.