For decades the world of the fashion industry has accustomed us to the continuous renovation of collections, fashion trends, colors and shapes. An even more fast process that is called fashion’s product cycle of life, that everyday produces thousands of tons of goods for trying to satisfy the taste of billions of people across the globe.

Before the 2000s the fashion collections were commonly divided into two main moments, the spring-summer season and the fall-winter season, presented to the public and mass media during the fashion weeks in different months of the year, depending if we are speaking of Ready to Wear or Haute Couture. Normally, from the moment of the fashion shows and when the clothes finally arrive at the stores, 6 long months are passed. Too much for the globalized and hyper-connected modernity.

So, for maintaining the attention of the customers and to sell every day something, the fashion industry invented the pre-collections, also called “cruise” or “resort” or “holiday” collections, often less creative than the big sisters because decidedly more focused on marketability.

Fashion system, and especially the world of fast fashion, is becoming a giant wheel that continuously produces garments and accessories of all types, often losing the real and concrete meaning of fashion itself and surely filling the world with massive quantities of textile waste, contributing to environmental pollution.

The seasonless approach to fashion design just wants to mitigate this disruptive effect and predicts a return to the real fashion, that is made of sartorial techniques, high quality materials, long-lasting products.

Seasonless fashion exactly means this. Style without season, a fashion that doesn’t follow only the even more crazy rules of the market and the ephemeral duration of fashion trends, but that looks to the values of an eternal beauty that will never be old-fashioned and to the respect for people, work and environment.

While a seasonal collection is connected to the style of the moment and will pass away very soon becoming fastly boring, a seasonless collection, on the contrary, could last for years because it’s based on the simple concept that the real style is forever. It’s made with very high-quality materials, taking care of details and building the clothes using the best sartorial techniques.

Seasonless doesn’t mean anyway only classic garments and old repetitive shapes. We strongly believe that fashion can have the refined appeal of its traditional heritage and all the modernity of contemporary culture. The choice of making seasonless collections is something that is part of the brand’s DNA, because it means more respect for the environment, it avoids textile waste and it offers a high-quality approach to the design process. And, for us, it means the best way to produce the collections, especially for an emerging designer who wants to be sustainable.

We use the seasonless process to propose one main collection made of timeless pieces and some more little capsule collections during the year, designed for offering to our clients the taste of the novelty. But we never want to forget the preciousness of the materials and the modernity of urban style. That’s why our seasonless collections mix the classic tailoring methods, the best sustainable and natural fabrics and all the cutting-edge vision of street style.