How much is important for a young fashion designer to participate to a fashion competition? The challenges for fashion creatives are always an occasion for testing their own aesthetic visions, but also a great opportunity to emerge in a very difficult field and for having a continuous comparison with other new talents.

So we are very proud to announce that Aurora De Matteis was just selected as one of the 30 finalists of the competition IFTA Italian Fashion Talent Awards, one of the most interesting and important contests in Italy. A very hard challenge, because the selection was among hundreds of candidates all very talented.

This year the contest is inspired by the theme “Energy”, intended as great force of the Nature that changes the Planet and models everything around us in a continuous circular movement. A topic very close to the philosophy and the core values of our Brand.

For participating to the fashion competition Aurora focused the concept of her capsule collection on a very personal interpretation of the theme. For her creative work she was inspired by an immersive experience done in her life, that brought her in close contact with the immense power and the contrasts of the uncontaminated Nature. A journey in the most enchanted and pure environments, but especially an intimate reflection about the relation between our life, the passing of time and the natural world.

The 3 outfits of the capsule collection are the concretization of a deep reasoning around the concept of sustainability and beauty in fashion, because for Aurora is not really necessary to renounce or making sacrifices for respecting the Planet and being sustainable. All depends by the point of view, the way in which we give value to our time and to the quality of life and of the good things that are part of it.

The perception of time is at the basis of the collection’s concept. In a hyper-connected world that forces us to continuously run faster and faster and in which we can’t find time for doing practically anything, the sudden contact with an enchanted and pure natural landscape can finally give us another perspective on the world and let us understand that we don’t need to look so far for finding the real beauty.

Being faithful to her aesthetic vision and her contemporary taste, Aurora gave life to a very particular project specifically dedicated to this fashion competition. Reinterpreting the classic sophistication of traditional tailoring of menswear and womenswear in a continuous hybridization with the most modern lines and approach of urban and street style, our designer wants to recreate the ideal feminine silhouette, giving it a decisive and bold character and a new nonchalant elegance.

Mashing up the suggestions of the planet’s colors, in its contrasting sunsets and in the shades of the earth and of the sea, with the sporty look of climbing cords and snap hooks representing the challenge of the man to the wild Nature, the collection plays with the contrasts of materials and details.

So the incredibly precious and soft cashmere wool in a warm shades of camel is matched to the contemporary touch of a bright blue or bold orange of recycled lycra or to the crunchy effect of the eco-friendly nylon. Audacity and pureness, street style and sartorial taste, natural shades and bright tones, sport-like details and classic or sustainable fabrics. Everything is contrasting, in the perpetual search of the perfect balance that only Nature can have.

After months of hard work on this new exciting project and on the launch of Aurora De Matteis’ brand, we can’t wait to finally see on catwalk the creations realized completely handmade by our designer, who’s determine to enjoy this important event, that will be set in the beautiful scenario of Salerno in the next few months and that will see her as protagonists of a new intriguing adventure.